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a perfect combination (pt. II)
gwensstacy gwensstacy
18   1hr 6min (18 tracks)
a mashups playlist.
March 27, 2015 a perfect combination (pt. II)
Upcycling Rev☺lution
screaming_skyward screaming_skyward
3,265   48min (13 tracks)
Awesome tracks of re- and upcycled songs.
February 25, 2015 Upcycling Rev☺lution
middle kid mashups
G. I. Jihad G. I. Jihad
480   46min (15 tracks)
hi these are mashups i made i hope you like them as much as i do because i get to listen to all the music i like at the same time :) .
February 24, 2015 middle kid mashups
vas_happenin_superman vas_happenin_superman
6   53min (28 tracks)
A bunch of mash-ups and remixes .
February 20, 2015 Remix
Rainbow Relax [Rainbow Vomit volume 11.5: Down-Tempo Mashes]
evetakeiteasy evetakeiteasy
605   30min (8 tracks)
Happy new year guys, gals, and whomever else may be in this little corner of the internet this evening! Time to ring in 2015 with some "Two Player Ga...
January 16, 2015 Rainbow Relax [Rainbow Vomit volume 11.5: Down-Tempo Mashes]
estelledivine estelledivine
26   18min (15 tracks)
Just a compilation of some awesome mash-ups I heard on YouTube.
December 18, 2014 KAWAII AF!!!
Rainbow Vomit Volume 10 [Mash-Ups]
evetakeiteasy evetakeiteasy
1,900   31min (8 tracks)
Happy Holidays and Consumerism everyone! Enjoy a blissfully Xmas music free mix this month! .
December 04, 2014 Rainbow Vomit Volume 10 [Mash-Ups]
of-ken-and-men of-ken-and-men
29   32min (10 tracks)
Mash-up songs you didn't think you'd ever like! All taken from Youtube, if any errors occur to the tracks, please tell me! Bonus Track for the lulz: ...
December 04, 2014 Mashed
Rainbow Vomit Volume 9 [Mashups]
evetakeiteasy evetakeiteasy
14,319   28min (8 tracks)
November--woop woop! .
November 03, 2014 Rainbow Vomit Volume 9 [Mashups]
Mash It Up!
sbh.nwr sbh.nwr
4,631   4min (11 tracks)
A playlist of some great mash-ups I found over the internet (mostly Youtube).
October 27, 2014 Mash It Up!
Rainbow Vomit Volume 8 [Mashups]
evetakeiteasy evetakeiteasy
4,483   35min (8 tracks)
Spooky Mashups for the best month of the year!!!!! [Cover art: http://shirt.
October 01, 2014 Rainbow Vomit Volume 8 [Mashups]