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maddienellie maddienellie
690   (25 tracks)
when it's 3 am and your brain is in pain (ft.
February 27, 2015 death by thoughts
suckitandsee suckitandsee
7,047   1hr 28min (25 tracks)
A whole load of indie and indietronic songs to love before everyone else does.
March 07, 2012 For you, filthy hipster.
camiherlinx-470 camiherlinx-470
9,022   1hr 7min (17 tracks)
Relax, deep breaths, don't think, just enjoy.
March 12, 2014 Just listen
vinkerekniv vinkerekniv
8,328   58min (17 tracks)
Seventeen of the most glorious mashups you've heard on YouTube.
May 04, 2011 Perpetually Played Mashups
AFiorito AFiorito
5,802   53min (16 tracks)
LIKE IT! Comments are appreciated.
January 09, 2012 Young, Wild, and Free
crackineverything crackineverything
765   46min (12 tracks)
If Electronica and FemmeNoir had 16 little bastard children than this is what they would sound like.
November 08, 2011 FUCK
hyfrmorgan hyfrmorgan
2,557   22min (10 tracks)
just some happy catchy songs to help pass the time.
February 13, 2015 jamminnn
kinkajou kinkajou
nine tracks for the legend of korra and my initial impression of it! (cover graphic was done by -redux@tumblr).
April 05, 2012 got an idea of who i am now, chump?
o0whatever o0whatever
915   41min (10 tracks)
Feelin' stressed out? Take your time, calm down and relax with 10 great tracks from J.
March 18, 2012 Don't Stress, Relax!
DeadSexual DeadSexual
73   (11 tracks)
Sobs very silently .
September 12, 2014 Please Just Last The Year
JackRyan96 JackRyan96
108   1hr 8min (19 tracks)
Twenty tracks including music by Beck, Bon Iver, and Rogue Wave.
July 05, 2011 I miss you...
spncr spncr
6,522   5hr 26min (85 tracks)
This is a pretty solid mix of mostly new indie.
July 10, 2012 The summer I ended up in love