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Big Band Bonanza #1: Modern
accmusique accmusique
3,859   2hr 57min (30 tracks)
Enjoy a modern collection of burning, syncopated rhythms, blaring brass harmonies, and great melodies! Welcome to Big Band music and take a seat right ...
November 23, 2013 Big Band Bonanza #1: Modern
Shuffle #3
hootywwfc hootywwfc
6   2hr 56min (27 tracks)
Broadcast Sunday 22 February 2015 19:00-22:00 GMT on shuffle.
February 23, 2015 Shuffle #3
TyeDyeCherrie TyeDyeCherrie
An eclectic mix of music that will get you pumped and ready to explode with energy!.
January 05, 2013 Workout EXPLOSION
the soul of life'
kmcbain kmcbain
200   (14 tracks)
Feelin bluesy or groovy? Just a mix of soulful tunes including music by Barry White, Michael Buble, and Cee Lo Green.
March 14, 2011 the soul of life'
Great Covers
lykebank lykebank
1,536   1hr 2min (34 tracks)
My favorite performances and cover songs from my collection .
March 20, 2013 Great Covers
Inglorious Bast'Art Inglorious Bast'Art
197   38min (14 tracks)
Playlist Jazz by Merwan & Mathieu.
March 03, 2012 Jazz
Blow Man Blow -Great Jazz Trumpet Solos
sikalamam sikalamam
1,396   1hr 32min (27 tracks)
fantastic trumpet solos.
November 05, 2012 Blow Man Blow -Great Jazz Trumpet Solos
Memories of Home :)
haleyanne1213 haleyanne1213
450   (37 tracks)
songs that remind me of my best friends :p.
May 09, 2012 Memories of Home :)
Hard-Swinging Big Bands
MrNamdar MrNamdar
381   13min (8 tracks)
Eight swinging tracks from eight of the top Big Bands of all time.
February 25, 2009 Hard-Swinging Big Bands
spring jazz (jazz for the season)
sikalamam sikalamam
220   3hr 28min (54 tracks)
November 07, 2014 spring jazz (jazz for the season)
Work Place Jazz
sikalamam sikalamam
569   3hr 49min (40 tracks)
Emphasis on the trumpet.
February 13, 2014 Work Place Jazz
Mind Meld
HaydenWar HaydenWar
138   20min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Beastie Boys, Jerry Goldsmith and Leonard Nimoy.
August 31, 2009 Mind Meld