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akmoorehead akmoorehead
6   37min (10 tracks)
a mix for the crazy couple of dexter skellington and felinus cheshire.
March 20, 2015 two worlds collide || a chesington mix
matildawhiskey matildawhiskey
296   59min (28 tracks)
Queercore, gay punk, punk bands with openly queer members and/or who sing about queer topics.
February 23, 2014 not gay as in happy, but queer as in punk rock
voidz voidz
614   1hr 57min (37 tracks)
March 10, 2014 Kurt Cobain's Favorite Songs
alascio alascio
82   47min (18 tracks)
Great trax from the 80's Minor Threat, DRI, Dead Kennedy's, Misfits and more.
June 13, 2013 80's Punk
aunt13 aunt13
103   35min (16 tracks)
Sixteen tracks including music by Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, and Suicidal Tendencies.
April 08, 2012 punk’s not dead. it just deserves to die (punk)13
texcolorado texcolorado
103   20min (13 tracks)
I wish the good cops, if they exist, the very best and a bullet for all the rest.
April 07, 2011 Police Brutality
sandraglehnert sandraglehnert
155   54min (15 tracks)
“When you're not looking, somebody'll sneak up and write 'Fuck you' right under your nose.
February 14, 2014 'Fuck You'
SpaceBunnySounds SpaceBunnySounds
157   12min (25 tracks)
25 tracks of classic punk rock & hardcore from the 70s & 80s in under 13 minutes.
August 25, 2011 25 Punk & Hardcore Tracks in 13 Minutes
alxmurdck alxmurdck
169   1hr 38min (20 tracks)
December 06, 2012 keDub
funkmasterdutch funkmasterdutch
54   23min (9 tracks)
Never would have seen eight left turns so exciting.
August 17, 2010 1600
aunt13 aunt13
165   23min (9 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by Wild Flag, Operation Ivy, and Talking Heads.
April 24, 2012 Just Like a Heart Attack (rock/punk)13
jimmypunk91 jimmypunk91
21   40min (16 tracks)
Music for you soul .
September 01, 2014 Punk's Not Dead its just  passed out