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nordic // viking // medieval
haggebulle haggebulle
2,926   1hr 7min (19 tracks)
a little some of that scandinavian bliss :) a collection of folk music, traditional and modern from denmark, norway, sweden, iceland and the faroe is...
October 28, 2014 nordic // viking // medieval
περίπλους [Mediterranean Odyssey]
ladylindy ladylindy
839   39min (15 tracks)
Periplus (περίπλους, literally 'a sailing-around'), a manuscript document that listed, in order, the ports and coastal landmarks, with approximate inte...
April 19, 2014 περίπλους [Mediterranean Odyssey]
The Wild Dance
Idril Idril
3,301   31min (10 tracks)
I really can't believe there are more than 10k of you following - you are all so very much appreciated.
May 23, 2014 The Wild Dance
An Orphic Odyssey
Idril Idril
2,359   2hr 28min (40 tracks)
A musical journey celebrating diversity but also the profound influences different musical traditions have on each other - all the way from Ireland to ...
February 25, 2014 An Orphic Odyssey
Salt and Frost
Idril Idril
2,987   (9 tracks)
With teeth on steel and steel on bone We drive our ships and bounty home With crash of wave and battle cry Withstand, withstand or standing, die.
January 09, 2014 Salt and Frost
The Holy Land
DueWets DueWets
1,766   38min (15 tracks)
O Jerusalem, golden city, robed in royal purple; O edifice of highest excellence, you are a light never darkened.
November 20, 2012 The Holy Land
Idril's Secret Faraway
Idril Idril
1,588   1hr 27min (25 tracks)
My 200th mix and my birthday today - so here's a total self-indulgence of my favourite songs from the epic, mysterious otherworld where I prefer to liv...
August 15, 2013 Idril's Secret Faraway
Medieval relaxation
iGlo_w iGlo_w
271   30min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Blowzabella, Igor Kipnis, and James Horner.
August 02, 2011 Medieval relaxation
O'er Ancient Lands
louisediamondlace louisediamondlace
1,066   1hr 57min (46 tracks)
Trawvel o'er ainchyent landes, ye go bye an' far.
June 12, 2013 O'er Ancient Lands
Mapping the Heavens from East to West
Idril Idril
3,029   59min (16 tracks)
A Muslim and a Christian scientist meet in fourteenth century Spain to discuss astrolabes, and how best to map the stars of their Gods.
December 02, 2012 Mapping the Heavens from East to West
*♫* SCA Roadtrip Playlist *♫*
Luridmuse Luridmuse
147   49min (11 tracks)
Eleven tracks including music by Andrew Heinrich, Heather Alexander and Ken and Lisa Theriot.
January 24, 2011 *♫* SCA Roadtrip Playlist *♫*
Around the World
kappachan kappachan
402   33min (8 tracks)
Hints of ethnic tribe, the shoutings of the nature, the echoes of abbeys, and the oriental scent from distant palace.
October 06, 2011 Around the World