Mellow + sad + winter

sunnyloves sunnyloves
353   1hr 27min (20 tracks)
Well, I tend to overthink less at night when I listen to calm music.
December 22, 2014 overthink, sleep, repeat
bilalkabakli bilalkabakli
309   43min (11 tracks)
For those who feel dark, deep and blue even in beautiful days.
February 21, 2014 Winter in summer.
graecus graecus
9   33min (9 tracks)
human skin can be hard to live in you'll feel better in the morning .
February 12, 2015 throw me a dream, please
SkinnyGenes SkinnyGenes
66   25min (8 tracks)
Sad songs to watch the snow by.
January 31, 2011 We all complete.
wmbirdyy wmbirdyy
2,461   1hr 19min (18 tracks)
Because winter is the perfect season for melancholy music.
December 14, 2014 Wintertime melancholy.
clairoux clairoux
338   3hr 3min (50 tracks)
"I miss you already.
January 06, 2014 :-(
annabellerose annabellerose
58   31min (8 tracks)
Something about frostbite and poetry and feeling blissfully alone.
January 19, 2012 It's Empty [January]
everyday_chaos everyday_chaos
15   50min (14 tracks)
This was my cabin fever mix for a recent snow storm.
March 03, 2014 Hide Away For Awhile (74)
nadavzilberstein nadavzilberstein
194   36min (9 tracks)
For calm, mellow weekends.
December 15, 2012 Little Person Climbing To The Moon
itsafiasco itsafiasco
529   1hr 4min (15 tracks)
i think it was snowing that day we decided to curl up by the fireplace and reveal all our secrets.
December 12, 2012 warm you up
anchorage42 anchorage42
24   53min (12 tracks)
Something for the cold, grey winter days where sadness is ever-present and you want something mellow to dwell in.
October 29, 2012 My Verdict Has Come In, It Says I'm Guilty For My Sins
irisjaye irisjaye
17   48min (12 tracks)
Of the longest winter of my life.
October 05, 2012 Time Machines in Winter