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angelcrack angelcrack
1,562   2hr 2min (31 tracks)
I needed an excuse for another metal playlist.
February 16, 2015 Headbanger Authority
cosmicapathy cosmicapathy
5,745   1hr 39min (24 tracks)
Awesome melodies over heavy blasting metal with amazing vocals.
March 29, 2012 Epic Melodic Metal
nickackley nickackley
89   47min (10 tracks)
Some of my favorite metal songs at the moment.
November 18, 2013 \m/
saiko saiko
515   2hr 22min (34 tracks)
Get some room and bang that head!! .
January 29, 2013 The sound of \m/etal (I)
sinusance sinusance
174   39min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks that will make you wish you were moshing.
April 22, 2010 Not for the Feint of Heart
Nikias Nikias
215   44min (12 tracks)
Great Songs from "Metalcore"-Bands before they got shitty, boring or just disappeared.
March 06, 2012 I am your shepherd cloaked in obscenity
dokumelo dokumelo
153   33min (8 tracks)
September 10, 2011 Female Vocal Melodic Death Metal
hayvanat hayvanat
212   38min (10 tracks)
Cannae, Dead To Fall, Cry For Silence and more! Thanks for all your likes and comments! Volume I: http://8tracks.
May 18, 2013 Metalcore (5)
dokumelo dokumelo
73   37min (8 tracks)
国産メロデス ややメタルコア寄り.
September 23, 2011 Japanese Melodic Death Metal Part.4
jrod6810 jrod6810
177   36min (12 tracks)
A mix of some of my favorite metal artists and songs.
January 03, 2010 Straight Up Metal
Robster881 Robster881
146   1hr 12min (15 tracks)
Melodic Death Metal compilation.
January 24, 2014 That's What I Call Melodic Death Metal!...
angelcrack angelcrack
5,319   3hr 36min (54 tracks)
First musical love.
June 23, 2013 A Whole Lotta Metal