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Gun? Enemy. // Coke? Gently.
columbae.23 columbae.23
236   27min (15 tracks)
"And shaking my head from all that I have done / But you never left me" - I Would Do Anything For You by Foster The People To Clem and any other perso...
February 05, 2015 Gun? Enemy. // Coke? Gently.
Chill Wave
techprincess22 techprincess22
372   (19 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Blackbird Blackbird, Washed Out, and Kygo.
December 31, 2014 Chill Wave
A Hundredth of a Second of Light
foxmouth foxmouth
217   38min (20 tracks)
Like a child, unbound by law, faith, or reason.
April 28, 2013 A Hundredth of a Second of Light
"Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
natsgrimares natsgrimares
1,227   27min (16 tracks)
For the days when you feel like getting a map, pointing to a spot (with your eyes closed) and venturing into the unknown Inspired by Dr.
December 03, 2012 "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
The Ultimate Study Buddy
thisriveriswild thisriveriswild
2,146   (13 tracks)
For difficult study times, I've got your back.
November 14, 2012 The Ultimate Study Buddy
Mais Tu n'en As Sans Doute Jamais Entendu Parler...
chatpotdepaille chatpotdepaille
90   1hr 24min (25 tracks)
Bands I've never heard of before (Eugene McGuinness, James Yorkston and Rue Royale excepted) - discovered thanks to euradionantes+spotify etc.
October 01, 2012 Mais Tu n'en As Sans Doute Jamais Entendu Parler...
Finals Mix
maXstur maXstur
672   24min (33 tracks)
my finals mix, has a bit of everything and it's all chill stuff, good luck!.
December 08, 2012 Finals Mix
Brighten the atmosphere
Yatahaze Yatahaze
364   41min (9 tracks)
Bright, Cool and Uplifting Instrumentals.
December 08, 2012 Brighten the atmosphere
megro42 megro42
127   34min (12 tracks)
Songs I recorded off the radio while in Montreal "studying" over the summer.
October 04, 2014 MTL
Indieberlin, The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds.
Indieberlin Indieberlin
55   51min (13 tracks)
#136 #indieberlin Check out Indieberlin.
January 04, 2015 Indieberlin, The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds.
Lbs From Bruxelles Vol.6
LeBonSon LeBonSon
20   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
Special dedication to the various french rock scene of these last 2 years.
January 18, 2015 Lbs From Bruxelles Vol.6