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Towering Heights
constellationcolon constellationcolon
71   54min (13 tracks)
"I'm post-nihilist, because nothing mattering doesn't matter.
April 11, 2015 Towering Heights
sophie_kowalsky sophie_kowalsky
sad songs in minor keys; winter sounds; blankets of melodies.
February 01, 2015 ghosts
classical music to study by
forestwalker forestwalker
43,484   44min (13 tracks)
Some nice classical tracks.
March 16, 2010 classical music to study by
that sweet, smoky dame
constellates constellates
326   41min (8 tracks)
she sublimated her darkness.
November 10, 2014 that sweet, smoky dame
piano. close your eyes and feel it.
kaitonthekeys kaitonthekeys
194   1hr 0min (17 tracks)
19 tracks that all include piano as the main instrument.
November 10, 2010 piano. close your eyes and feel it.
Christmas in Minor Key
gayjamesbond gayjamesbond
250   51min (13 tracks)
Melancholy traditional Christmas carol choir performances, instrumental arrangements, and covers for when you're not feeling the festivities but you st...
December 02, 2014 Christmas in Minor Key
sarahmariev sarahmariev
263   1hr 5min (15 tracks)
There are always monsters in the dark.
October 02, 2014 Claws
Sink Into Despair and then Rise into Hope
MrsBear MrsBear
6,179   42min (10 tracks)
Invisible forces will tug at you and try to pull you deeper, deeper, until the celestial blue of summer sky fades into the dark cerulean of the unknown...
August 09, 2012 Sink Into Despair and then Rise into Hope
Minor Key
maybeedmonton maybeedmonton
500   55min (14 tracks)
Fourteen classical tracks in the minor key including music by Max Richter, Hauschka and Rachels.
March 27, 2011 Minor Key
a little gritty
trinaisafraggle trinaisafraggle
1,918   2hr 36min (48 tracks)
includes music by Doc Boggs, Son House and Bessie Smith.
December 12, 2010 a little gritty
It was time, only time
peritus peritus
72   38min (9 tracks)
The present, the past; could have beens and should have beens.
October 18, 2011 It was time, only time
prelude to heaven // dark hearts
isle saint jean isle saint jean
82   53min (9 tracks)
a romantic yet slightly.
February 08, 2013 prelude to heaven // dark hearts