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endless love
smittenstyles smittenstyles
15,267   (12 tracks)
i loved the soundtrack to the movie endless love so i put the songs in this playlist :).
February 16, 2014 endless love
LastNameFirst Music LastNameFirst Music
Every song from every LastNameFirst.
September 26, 2013 LNF EDIT SOUNDTRACK
Musique Cinématographique
atavistic atavistic
15,402   44min (24 tracks)
"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.
July 30, 2013 Musique Cinématographique
Stealing Beauty 1996 Soundtrack
my untidy mind my untidy mind
one of my favorite films and the music selection is on point in order of the original motion picture soundtrack.
February 20, 2015 Stealing Beauty 1996 Soundtrack
The Sound of David Fincher
cupsofearlgrey cupsofearlgrey
370   22min (16 tracks)
Songs from the movies (and trailers) of David Fincher.
January 31, 2015 The Sound of David Fincher
The study mix that can get you through medschool!
taaniiaa taaniiaa
2,411   (209 tracks)
The best clasical music and soundtracks of disney, romantic and action movies .
June 12, 2014 The study mix that can get you through medschool!
moulin rouge soundtrack
selindeniz selindeniz
8,969   4min (17 tracks)
If you like my mix listen to this one too :) http://8tracks.
May 23, 2013 moulin rouge soundtrack
stuck in love ☁️
marhgoah marhgoah
stuck in love track list and similar songs.
October 17, 2014 stuck in love ☁️
We'll get this done.
Magoo46 Magoo46
Concentration : when you need it.
December 18, 2014 We'll get this done.
Awesome Instrumental
emsalot emsalot
18,053   (21 tracks)
Happy, sad, inspirational, beautiful, simple, or complex- this mix has a little of everything! The one thing all songs have in common- Instrumentals.
May 06, 2014 Awesome Instrumental
"Can you bring me my Chapstick?"
bby why bby why
I thought it was about time to have the soundtrack from Napoleon Dynamite but the soundtrack really only has like 8 songs so here enjoy .
May 26, 2014 "Can you bring me my Chapstick?"