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bad-ass ladies
emilyxstokes emilyxstokes
a playlist of all the kick-ass musical theatre songs sung by ladies.
April 12, 2015 bad-ass ladies
Kingsman, The Musical!
unionkat unionkat
this is awful but hey Colin and Tarron can sing .
April 04, 2015 Kingsman, The Musical!
what you mean i'm not a broadway diva?
ferchaadlibitum ferchaadlibitum
a collection of showtunes to sing when you're home alone.
April 02, 2015 what you mean i'm not a broadway diva?
Tap It Out
Tessa98 Tessa98
246   1hr 0min (15 tracks)
A playlist of songs to make you tappy.
March 22, 2015 Tap It Out
Female Broadway Solos
showtunez showtunez
Some showtunes that you can use for auditions, recitals, or just for fun! .
April 07, 2015 Female Broadway Solos
Sing It Girl
murphytrash murphytrash
670   40min (12 tracks)
A collection of my favourite musical theatre female solos.
April 03, 2015 Sing It Girl
best worst mistake
soundforthought soundforthought
280   1hr 5min (19 tracks)
a showtune-filled playlist for when your stomach is in knots and your heart is racing when they walk through the room.
April 04, 2015 best worst mistake
This Is Not Love
hunter.e.burke hunter.e.burke
586   1hr 5min (19 tracks)
The unhealthy or one-sided relationships of musical theatre.
April 05, 2015 This Is Not Love
the top of the mountain
ollyalexander ollyalexander
a fanmix for tumblr user morilse the irl ilse neumann.
April 19, 2015 the top of the mountain
Act One Finales
joshuaburrage joshuaburrage
1,133   1hr 0min (18 tracks)
A collection of incredible act one finales that will always leave you speechless.
March 25, 2015 Act One Finales
and the world will know | broadway group performances
permanentjoy permanentjoy
1,391   2hr 25min (32 tracks)
here is my mix of my favorite broadway group songs ! some are also from movie soundtrack (of musical of course).
March 29, 2015 and the world will know | broadway group performances
exposition for days
justabitunlikely justabitunlikely
1,006   1hr 58min (16 tracks)
because the proper way to start a musical is with eight minutes of backstory, setting, and character introductions - - - http://nastyinthosekhakis.
March 22, 2015 exposition for days