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hip hop
byleam byleam
141   1hr 50min (27 tracks)
April 15, 2015 hip hop
That ILL Hip Hop
alexandercr alexandercr
1,173   48min (13 tracks)
Just some ill hip hop for your enjoyment.
March 26, 2012 That ILL Hip Hop
Solid rap mix
dhoyle19 dhoyle19
153   48min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by 2pac, Hoodie Allen, and Atmosphere.
July 09, 2011 Solid rap mix
My Favorite Hip Hop Songs of All Time, Pt. 2
alexandercr alexandercr
586   3hr 15min (49 tracks)
I made part 1 a little over a year ago, I went back and listened to it and I realized there are a ton of songs I left out.
February 14, 2014 My Favorite Hip Hop Songs of All Time, Pt. 2
"Sup" "Whatup" "Wanna get blunted?" "Yeah I'll be there in 5."
285   56min (15 tracks)
Twenty tracks from all corners of hip hop.
December 05, 2011 "Sup" "Whatup" "Wanna get blunted?" "Yeah I'll be there in 5."
Straight Chillin'
WPenner WPenner
367   1hr 17min (19 tracks)
Some rap to kick back to.
September 25, 2012 Straight Chillin'
hip-hop oldnew school
651   1hr 2min (15 tracks)
15 temas de la vieja y la nueva escuela kurupt,alkaholiks .
February 24, 2012 hip-hop oldnew school
erincaseybrown erincaseybrown
1,488   46min (11 tracks)
a perfect blend to meet your hip hop needs.
February 17, 2013 hiphopaholic
Hippity Hop: el viejo y el nuevo
aykay47 aykay47
90   1hr 20min (19 tracks)
Twenty tracks that are an embodiment of music passed on to me by my friends while growing up.
April 24, 2011 Hippity Hop: el viejo y el nuevo
Perfect mix
Fidel Cashflo Fidel Cashflo
1,150   (11 tracks)
Ultimate mix for connaisseurs, not gros l├ęcheurs.
January 14, 2014 Perfect mix
Words Are Weapons
NickTurnon NickTurnon
214   1hr 3min (17 tracks)
From old school to new school - Every other song takes you back to 1990-2000 and then right back to 2013.
October 01, 2013 Words Are Weapons
Epic Hip Hop, Pt. 2
alexandercr alexandercr
1,209   1hr 14min (20 tracks)
This is the sequel to my first EPIC Hip Hop playlist.
April 10, 2013 Epic Hip Hop, Pt. 2