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thanks for the memories
halfawakened halfawakened
153   (13 tracks)
Nostalgia is a dirty liar, that insists things were better than they seemed.
March 01, 2015 thanks for the memories
grizzlybairparty grizzlybairparty
203   (17 tracks)
idk these songs seem so deeply intuned the feeling of nostalgia so i made a mix about it for brad as always [image not mine].
February 22, 2015 nostalgia
once upon a time
miggyboiiii miggyboiiii
134   33min (10 tracks)
just a couple songs that make me remember things.
March 08, 2015 once upon a time
Emo Trash: The Greatest Hits Album
foxxymulder foxxymulder
848   (50 tracks)
50 of those nostalgic but cringe-worthy songs that you fawned over in your prime years; featuring such hits as 'it's not a phase mom', 'do my bangs loo...
January 27, 2015 Emo Trash: The Greatest Hits Album
Amillasadhra Amillasadhra
62   21min (12 tracks)
Four tracks including music by Catfish And The Bottlemen, The Skints, and Wolf Alice.
February 16, 2015 now
I Only Cry When I Call Home
CrystalCapsids CrystalCapsids
83   23min (12 tracks)
Songs about nostalgia and homesickness.
February 17, 2015 I Only Cry When I Call Home
captaineverland captaineverland
this one's for you this one's for me.
February 07, 2015 wind
This one's for you
Haley Anne Haley Anne
1,467   20min (23 tracks)
Remember how guys were crazy for us in 2005? Remember them wanting to borrow your rubber bracelets, take out their guitar and cover an acoustic ballad?...
February 05, 2015 This one's for you
beeareaydee beeareaydee
Turd Ferguson .
February 20, 2015 Gold
sugitaamanda sugitaamanda
496   36min (13 tracks)
they're making a comeback.
March 16, 2015 throwback
1.55am 1.55am
562   52min (13 tracks)
"you said i was the girl of your dreams.
February 03, 2015 gradually∆
☆ Glitch Kid ☆
99k 99k
148   16min (9 tracks)
cool glitches for cool glitches (my first playlist :0 ) .
January 30, 2015 ☆ Glitch Kid ☆