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irem98 irem98
998   (8 tracks)
for those who can't sleep at night .
March 03, 2015 cynical
Zeba Zeba
4,087   32min (10 tracks)
You never know when you wake up, if all will be the same, or if you'll be back in your dark place, again to feel the pain.
April 07, 2012 We all have our scars
fivesecsofoned fivesecsofoned
936   33min (9 tracks)
Depressed, insecure as fuck, self harming, not good enough.
March 13, 2014 . . .
agirgenti14 agirgenti14
966   1hr 12min (20 tracks)
Crying is not a sign of weakness.
March 01, 2012 crying is ok here
wannabeverlac wannabeverlac
842   26min (8 tracks)
When there's so much going on in your head it becomes hard to even remember how to breathe.
December 22, 2013 Can't get no silence
lashtonslipbite lashtonslipbite
379   (14 tracks)
love songs that describe either not having a great relationship, or being so in love with them, and not near as much as anyone else.
May 12, 2014 i think i'm in love
BrettMarie BrettMarie
756   (8 tracks)
This playlist is about not feeling like you’re good enough.
May 05, 2013 Never Good Enough
Jordanblowerr Jordanblowerr
1,748   2hr 30min (39 tracks)
When your best just isn't good enough and you feel like shit sometimes music is the answer.
December 20, 2013 Sorry I'm not good enough
karlacabeyos karlacabeyos
1,736   52min (17 tracks)
basically i lose everyone cause i'm a fuck up and even my best friend showed me that.
December 02, 2013 where did all the years go
mailbuoywatch mailbuoywatch
1,626   41min (11 tracks)
i wasn't good enough.
October 09, 2012 damaged at best.
tsunamies tsunamies
476   (12 tracks)
i know, i get it she's prettier, she's nicer, she's everything i'm not i understand go on, i don't mind i'm used to it.
October 05, 2014 love yourself so no one has to
cliffordcrush cliffordcrush
641   38min (9 tracks)
''I'm not good enough''.
July 28, 2013 Not Good Enough