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Legnus Legnus
2,562   33min (13 tracks)
January 15, 2015 Around the globe
15   10min (10 tracks)
Come down melodies.
April 13, 2015 Pseudonauts
Kvbrite Kvbrite
247   5hr 43min (58 tracks)
a prescription of psychedelic journeys, to soothe the mind.
November 04, 2014 a dose of musical om
nickyem nickyem
760   (65 tracks)
Upbeat, Downbeat and right in the middle.
February 05, 2015 Warming Winter
Kvbrite Kvbrite
336   1hr 26min (14 tracks)
part 1 of 4.
November 08, 2014 a dose of music om (part 1)
5-HT2alex 5-HT2alex
8,132   2hr 1min (20 tracks)
"That great nature in which we rest, as the earth lies in the soft arms of the atmosphere is that Unity, that Over-Soul, within which every man’s parti...
September 07, 2014 Oversoul
teecomb teecomb
373   1hr 1min (10 tracks)
Sound therapy has been used by shamans for millennia to produced spiritual states of consciousness.
June 02, 2013 Dimethyltryptamine
Vasudeva Vasudeva
158   1hr 3min (10 tracks)
Cessation of dukkha.
November 04, 2012 Siddhartha
ruzs ruzs
2,677   1hr 51min (28 tracks)
A collection of hand-picked instrumentals to get you into the study/creative zone.
July 07, 2014 Epic Studying and Coding
blindpixel blindpixel
3,694   2hr 15min (24 tracks)
A collection of chill songs to get you to relax and think.
August 21, 2013 Floating On The Soundwaves
5-HT2alex 5-HT2alex
413   1hr 41min (20 tracks)
A hypnotic journey through the many shades of night .
November 12, 2014 Under Stars
leafhead leafhead
98   2hr 1min (23 tracks)
keystone spe·cies (noun): a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change dras...
October 29, 2014 Chemical Rainforest [Photosynthesis]