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barn playlist
kinleymarie kinleymarie
6,412   1hr 2min (20 tracks)
my favorite country songs<3.
February 25, 2015 barn playlist
Gon' Drown Myself and My Horse in the River
hex minora hex minora
2,056   43min (17 tracks)
My favorite sad country songs about drunkards, murderers, failures, lone ramblin’ outlaws, brokenhearted and suicidal cowboys….
February 24, 2015 Gon' Drown Myself and My Horse in the River
Echoes of Sturgill Simpson
Welcome to the Song Welcome to the Song
Outlaw Country, classic country, rock influences.
February 05, 2015 Echoes of Sturgill Simpson
"I Want My Country Twang!"
daveg4747 daveg4747
201   47min (19 tracks)
so my dog died, my wife ran away, and my car just broke down on the highway, I'm in a bad way.
January 27, 2015 "I Want My Country Twang!"
Gold Soundz: 11/13/14
138   58min (26 tracks)
My setlist for Kenyon College radio devoted to outlaws, prison, and the devil.
January 07, 2015 Gold Soundz: 11/13/14
Outlaw Country
Jennifer_delaney Jennifer_delaney
Outlaw country: for people who think they don't like country music.
September 26, 2014 Outlaw Country
Gimme a T for Texas
DukeWilbury DukeWilbury
1,006   58min (17 tracks)
Because the Lone Star State is as unique as America itself.
August 06, 2014 Gimme a T for Texas
Outlaw South #2
MichelleVanMeter MichelleVanMeter
1,938   24min (8 tracks)
Because #1 wasn't enough.
July 25, 2014 Outlaw South #2
Prince Palu Prince Palu
856   1hr 11min (21 tracks)
21 tracks of outlaw country and rock and roll featuring icons like Waylon and Willie, and icons in the making like Deer Tick and Natural Child.
June 28, 2014 Outlaws
Will the Outlaws Please Rise
DukeWilbury DukeWilbury
3,011   38min (23 tracks)
Genuine outlaws, renegade country rockers, and honky tonkers lay it down for you.
March 20, 2012 Will the Outlaws Please Rise
Outlaw country ballads
otaviofernandes otaviofernandes
749   31min (8 tracks)
Just a few outlaw country ballads, starting with Steve Young, Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson.
December 26, 2011 Outlaw country ballads