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st. tropez
a t e  |  V I B E S a t e | V I B E S
198   3min (10 tracks)
March 07, 2015 st. tropez
Paris, je t'aime
monicags monicags
1,534   (10 tracks)
Mix of french, romantic tunes.
August 30, 2013 Paris, je t'aime
❃I want Paris, old movies and romance❃
gracekellys gracekellys
4,696   (15 tracks)
“Mine was the twilight and the morning.
May 18, 2014 ❃I want Paris, old movies and romance❃
all roads lead here .
kerosenesapphire kerosenesapphire
1,105   (9 tracks)
a 'anna and the french kiss' mix :) .
May 29, 2013 all roads lead here .
i see a rhinoceros
ottersignificantotter ottersignificantotter
4,310   (17 tracks)
"I believe that love that is true and real, creates a respite from death.
March 11, 2012 i see a rhinoceros
We'll always have Paris
sleepyhedwig sleepyhedwig
652   (8 tracks)
For the suckers for romance and the beautiful Paris.
April 09, 2013 We'll always have Paris
Des mots de tous les jours
abominable abominable
971   19min (10 tracks)
thingz french or sound like they are.
August 19, 2014 Des mots de tous les jours
ensemble, c'est tout
zehraontheshore zehraontheshore
977   7min (16 tracks)
16 relaxing french songs and 1 beautiful english song by Charles Aznavour.
September 04, 2013 ensemble, c'est tout
From the window of a French café
ccarpanz ccarpanz
827   32min (11 tracks)
Sitting across your lover, the smell of coffee and fresh bread all around, as the smoke from your cigarette drifts into the wind.
January 14, 2014 From the window of a French café
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onceuponaswan onceuponaswan
604   3min (9 tracks)
a playlist you should really have on your ipod while travelling through the city of love.
August 03, 2014 » paris playlist «
Paris de mi corazón <3
seargee seargee
781   (8 tracks)
No es amar por amar, es caminarla, conocerla, respirarla.
June 21, 2011 Paris de mi corazón <3
Je t'aime à la folie ...
ahmed besrour ahmed besrour
3,070   35min (12 tracks)
" Bien aimer, c'est aimer follement.
March 22, 2013 Je t'aime à la folie ...