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caragiali caragiali
90   27min (11 tracks)
A mix for running away together and causing mayhem.
April 17, 2015 In the truly gruesome do we trust
katofthecanals katofthecanals
58   33min (9 tracks)
(ノ⊙ω⊙)ノ~『✧~*CREEPYSHIPPING*~✧』 I thought it was about time I made another Petyr x Sansa mix, here's my first one in case anyone's interested: http://8...
April 15, 2015 open up your skull [i'll be there]
grethers grethers
12   35min (10 tracks)
"Everybody dies sooner or later.
April 26, 2015 a monster in his own mind
Morningsnow Morningsnow
2   29min (10 tracks)
Petyr Baelish .
April 27, 2015 Behind The Mask
tommening tommening
Forlorn tracks of lost and unrequited love reflecting the hope, promise, and crash of the potential love of Catelyn Tully and Petyr Baelish.
April 22, 2015 Never Meant || A Fanmix of Catelyn Stark and Petyr Baelish
withershins4 withershins4
16   (16 tracks)
Creepiness and smarm.
April 22, 2015 Littlefinger
satansfirstwife satansfirstwife
232   (15 tracks)
There is no justice in this world, not unless we make it.
March 01, 2015 between now and never
myrandar myrandar
278   53min (14 tracks)
March 14, 2015 control
mirabeaux mirabeaux
“Chaos isn’t a pit.
April 02, 2015 Cold as Ice
AllTheDevilsAreHere AllTheDevilsAreHere
249   44min (13 tracks)
"You think you know me?" "I know what you want.
January 03, 2015 The Mockingbird and The Wolf