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Forever Kisses Forever Kisses
12,618   (35 tracks)
The finest details are the most infinite.
April 11, 2015 You're a piece of fucking art
alexagarcia8 alexagarcia8
13   45min (11 tracks)
here's some songs to release your rebellious side!!.
April 22, 2015 teenage rebels
belfersev belfersev
13,339   39min (34 tracks)
I wanted to be born this time :c "Thirty-three tracks including music by Aerosmith, Bee Gees, and Black Sabbath.
November 04, 2014 Golden list.
hermiones--books hermiones--books
16,025   3hr 46min (68 tracks)
For those who wish they were born in a different time period.
September 18, 2014 I was born in the wrong era.
evaalison evaalison
14,331   (33 tracks)
i just love 80s music woohoo.
August 05, 2014 80s ♪
my name is craig my name is craig
3,905   (124 tracks)
130+ songs of recent indie rock/indiepop mixed with 80s new wave, pop and alternative rock .
May 05, 2014 Massive Current Indie + 80s
suiu.marius suiu.marius
2,475   1hr 33min (23 tracks)
A quick selection of some of the best rock songs, 60s through 80s.
July 17, 2013 The Classics Only
Matisse Matisse
666   39min (9 tracks)
A simple selection of songs released in the 80's including bands such as the Cure, Queen, the Clash, the Police and Pink Floyd.
April 03, 2012 Taste of the 80's, taste of the past.
el0nl3d3r el0nl3d3r
4,960   10hr 15min (154 tracks)
ROCK N' ROLL CAN'T NEVER DIE this mix will take you back to the time when there was real, great music this mix has more than 140(!) songs featuring m...
April 07, 2013 The Ultimate Time Machine
gatssby gatssby
5,288   (38 tracks)
October 12, 2014 80's classics,
1,441   3hr 40min (49 tracks)
Some reasons I love being British.
April 12, 2013 British Scumbags.
carmen553 carmen553
14   1hr 25min (22 tracks)
These are some of my favourite songs to listen when I'm traveling.
March 07, 2015 Road trip mix