Pop + pop-punk

julesmay julesmay
405   18min (6 tracks)
“darling, the person that hurts you will not stick around to stitch you up, so you better learn to heal yourself with your own two hands.
November 03, 2014 i'm a babe.
Tavbet Tavbet
695   34min (12 tracks)
A mix featuring some of the best pop-punk bands such as All Time Low, Blink 182 and Green Day!.
August 06, 2013 Pop Punk Riot!
alexsuarez alexsuarez
1,180   2hr 36min (49 tracks)
hey! it is a good day, isnt it?? .
December 01, 2013 its a good day
nataliaidek nataliaidek
212   37min (15 tracks)
pop punk I guess.
July 07, 2014 Untitled mix #4
ryanross ryanross
8,470   44min (14 tracks)
songs to make u feel like a badass bc thats what u r.
August 14, 2013 kick some ass
gee_xxx gee_xxx
127   (11 tracks)
Boybands,Boybands and more boybands ok.
November 05, 2013 boyb4nds
___.hemmo1996.___ ___.hemmo1996.___
30   46min (13 tracks)
I was bored so when you're bored and have nothing to do, this is the perfect thing to jam out to when you're alone or with friends in your bedroom ☺ en...
January 14, 2015 I WAS BORED
ninipanini ninipanini
365   2hr 4min (38 tracks)
A pop-rock/pop-punk mix featuring my favorite songs songs from The Maine, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, etc.
October 24, 2012 Pop-Rock is Not Dead
arcticmess arcticmess
292   (19 tracks)
definitely a driving mix you need in your life.
February 22, 2014 that really annoying white girl driving mix
squeevy squeevy
631   1hr 46min (32 tracks)
These make my mouth the shape of a taco shell.
January 25, 2015 Eva's Mix
terminalC terminalC
147   1hr 0min (22 tracks)
Twenty-four tracks including music by Alkaline Trio, Piebald and Cinematic Sunrise.
February 05, 2011 terminalc's Pop-Punk Mix
moonlittreasures moonlittreasures
36   1hr 22min (22 tracks)
Just some songs that I think are perfect for dancing around your room alone in nothing but a huge t-shirt and your underwear.
July 02, 2013 Fun in the Sun