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scene kid
456   1hr 18min (23 tracks)
songs i listen to when im in my "scene"/"emo" phase lol & i know the playlist is really long but they songs are pretty fucking amazing (: .
February 02, 2015 scene kid
my escape
annoyedteen annoyedteen
i may not have a social life but i do have a pretty amazing taste in music.
December 30, 2014 my escape
40 for lazo
bluh bluh
181   2hr 17min (40 tracks)
some stuff .
January 04, 2015 40 for lazo
rock out \m/
danacarolina danacarolina
833   42min (18 tracks)
consists of alternative bands yeet // last updated 9.
September 28, 2014 rock out \m/
rita_stath5201 rita_stath5201
524   (41 tracks)
Some of my favorite songs to listen too :).
September 16, 2014 Favoritess
I think I've finally lost my mind.
nirvana4431 nirvana4431
218   1hr 16min (21 tracks)
"Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
September 14, 2014 I think I've finally lost my mind.
still an angsty emo kid
Regina Crow Regina Crow
506   1hr 4min (26 tracks)
A mix my thirteen year-old self would sing along to.
August 22, 2014 still an angsty emo kid
annasroberts annasroberts
101   29min (8 tracks)
July 18, 2014 sw@g
Bands bands bands
kylexcore kylexcore
153   1hr 5min (22 tracks)
All Time Low Asking Alexandria.
July 04, 2014 Bands bands bands
=Warped Tour=
Lollipop_Styles Lollipop_Styles
1,091   1hr 21min (27 tracks)
Majority of the songs on the 2014 warped tour CD.
June 11, 2014 =Warped Tour=