Post-punk + rock

lyn_da lyn_da
199   39min (8 tracks)
Post-Punk or Post-punk inspired songs.
November 27, 2013 Imitation Is Suicide
_stargazer _stargazer
384   3min (11 tracks)
Some tracks that actually make me feel good about myself because tomorrow's Monday.
July 22, 2012 Blue Monday No
Musicissimeライオンハート Musicissimeライオンハート
1,851   1hr 38min (29 tracks)
A playlist with the best of glam rock and punk , post punk songs .
November 16, 2013 Glamorous Punk Rock !
ughnikki ughnikki
5,665   7min (10 tracks)
if ur a loser like me who spends their saturday nights on the internet and listening to music, then this one if for u .
August 11, 2013 alone on a saturday night
EmeraldDrake EmeraldDrake
43   52min (20 tracks)
Some of my personal favs, mostly 70's and 80's stuff.
March 07, 2015 Untitled mix
gothpuke gothpuke
487   37min (10 tracks)
I'm a ghost with a beating heart.
October 10, 2014 we live as we dream, alone
Devtrench Devtrench
49   1hr 26min (27 tracks)
From 60's to current times, this is the timeline of punk and how it has changed over the years.
April 27, 2014 Evolution of Punk
georgieerosee georgieerosee
57   41min (12 tracks)
April 06, 2014 disorder
CrazyCarrie CrazyCarrie
376   42min (12 tracks)
Awesome music to get ready or party with!Or you can just listen to!.
June 14, 2012 Getting ready but need some music to pump you up?Or maybe just wanna rock out?Listen to this awesome track!
Nirock Nirock
41   39min (9 tracks)
cleaning my crib.
November 17, 2013 rock mix
Dj Hada Verde Dj Hada Verde
598   34min (17 tracks)
Remember the good times with the romantic end of the summer party.
September 10, 2012 Psycho-Punk End of Summer
graysea graysea
1,965   38min (13 tracks)
jam out \m/ featuring teen suicide, wavves, the black angels, etc.
June 26, 2013 garage indie punk // grunge rock (not too hardcore)