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Zeather Zeather
206   55min (14 tracks)
Some of the first death/black metal bands I started listening to.
March 13, 2015 Baby's First Death Metal
celisfelis celisfelis
561   1hr 41min (24 tracks)
Mainly progressive and djent metal songs that shroud you in a heavy trippy atmosphere.
February 09, 2015 Atmospheric Metal
leoncheshire leoncheshire
267   1hr 13min (10 tracks)
Tracks by Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater.
March 04, 2015 Progressive fireworks
SubliminalGroove SubliminalGroove
1,615   24min (8 tracks)
high-energy instrumental mindfuck.
April 27, 2013 Instru-fucking-mental
Ollieface22 Ollieface22
1,139   45min (9 tracks)
A crushing 9-song collection of the heaviest grooves over a half-step rhythm.
September 08, 2012 Half-step progressive groove metal
Earwitness Earwitness
892   32min (8 tracks)
8 tracks including awesomeness by Monuments, Structures, and The Faceless.
August 23, 2012 Prog-Gnosis
Mark Faviell Mark Faviell
1,226   3hr 34min (43 tracks)
A fantastic metal mix that draws from different genres including progressive, death, power, black and classic metal.
April 05, 2013 Raw Power
TySherwood TySherwood
892   4hr 17min (17 tracks)
These beastly songs are long, but only as long as they need to be.
May 16, 2012 Ludicrously Long Prog Songs
thebloodyinteriors thebloodyinteriors
591   57min (11 tracks)
cold is the night for the ones born of shadows.
February 01, 2015 into the evernight
BassMystic BassMystic
2,187   1hr 12min (15 tracks)
Dark psychedelic rock/metal shapeshifting between progressive and alternative.
June 09, 2013 Twilight Circus
superbia superbia
1,437   38min (9 tracks)
A playlist dedicated to the warriors of Valhalla -- part one.
February 27, 2013 battleaxe
lovehatemusic lovehatemusic
122   1hr 21min (23 tracks)
A Collection of some of my favourite South African tracks.
September 11, 2013 My hometown loves...