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Alice in Acidland.
jedhigh jedhigh
26,979   (15 tracks)
let's get lost.
April 03, 2014 Alice in Acidland.
emmalisbon emmalisbon
1,703   (10 tracks)
nothing is wrong.
September 24, 2013 nothing
Where is my mind?
JewliaMiller JewliaMiller
4,435   27min (13 tracks)
Relax and enjoy your trip :) I'll switch it up every now and then so expect more!.
January 06, 2014 Where is my mind?
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
KalieK KalieK
2,866   (10 tracks)
Playlist for your blasting off experience, or just for you to enjoy some chilled out tunes :).
April 24, 2013 Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
Have a nice trip!
DeepMulk DeepMulk
2,455   48min (20 tracks)
Only positive and happy vibes.
November 03, 2014 Have a nice trip!
go ask alice
alexalaut alexalaut
2,780   (10 tracks)
☯trippy beats☯ .
October 14, 2013 go ask alice
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
birdsandbones birdsandbones
2,778   22min (12 tracks)
But I have promises to keep.
January 01, 2013 The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
old school trip
fallfallfall fallfallfall
3,466   (13 tracks)
the perfect mix for tripping out in the forest with some pals :-).
August 30, 2014 old school trip
the kids want acid
tangledroots tangledroots
1,026   1hr 4min (29 tracks)
two hours of aural supplies for your trip.
January 06, 2014 the kids want acid
We Live By the Sun
mallaidh12 mallaidh12
5,927   (11 tracks)
February 26, 2014 We Live By the Sun
۞Into Madness۞
MyVenusDoomX3 MyVenusDoomX3
1,342   (10 tracks)
Starts out slow and trippy then builds up into something more intense.
December 08, 2014 ۞Into Madness۞
people are strange
breetty breetty
4,347   40min (14 tracks)
don't look now but the walls are melting.
March 24, 2014 people are strange