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actuallyannika actuallyannika
1   31min (11 tracks)
rock and roll's not dead motherfucker, and neither are you .
April 27, 2015 bust your knuckles
Jaspe Jaspe
1   1hr 8min (19 tracks)
“Patrick actually used to be popular before Sam bought him some good music.
April 27, 2015 When we were young
pixiecnana pixiecnana
0   1hr 3min (18 tracks)
{punk} rock .
April 26, 2015 {BAND}-AIDS
xx_maddie_xx xx_maddie_xx
4   31min (8 tracks)
April 25, 2015 i feel it in my bones
pizzabox pizzabox
7   11min (8 tracks)
for es, my kirito and the loml, love u kid!!! ur the sickest weeb out there (and also the punkest) this is trash omg.
April 25, 2015 egghead
lycheebaby lycheebaby
10   49min (14 tracks)
April 24, 2015 rockk
lipstickloser lipstickloser
5   51min (14 tracks)
April 25, 2015 Night Train
francescahoy francescahoy
24   59min (18 tracks)
alternately titled "teenage angst" // all of those songs i jammed to when i had DIY bangs and and more band tees that necessary (ft.
April 25, 2015 middle school memories
20   56min (13 tracks)
1 am.
April 24, 2015 otherside*
Storm Hunter Storm Hunter
7   1hr 36min (32 tracks)
Why not rock out with these songs ? A mix filled with some old and some new cool songs.
April 25, 2015 It's Irresistible
cauldronmeasurinoffice cauldronmeasurinoffice
11   53min (16 tracks)
for pale wrists and the taste of blood in your mouth and the taste of regret in your mind the desperate, hopeless longing for both nothing and more.
April 23, 2015 no.
inkaterve inkaterve
16   35min (11 tracks)
green day, my chemical romance, blink-182, nirvana, p!atd and many more :-) (updating constantly).
April 23, 2015 teenagers scare the living shit out of me