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quiet thoughts
mmmickeyc mmmickeyc
796   43min (11 tracks)
play this at a kinda low volume think about whoever gives you butterflies do whatever makes you relaxed write, read, draw, go to sleep, be with yourse...
March 22, 2015 quiet thoughts
the Prospect of Nothingness
ethan.fang ethan.fang
734   35min (8 tracks)
sometimes i like to put everything down and lay somewhere and just think about life.
July 18, 2013 the Prospect of Nothingness
eunice613 eunice613
22   33min (8 tracks)
to all the cold nights i've spent up ✌.
March 20, 2015 titleless
Clementine Kruczynski Clementine Kruczynski
1,800   1hr 1min (14 tracks)
A mix of lovely songs for shitty days.
July 01, 2014 Clementine.
emmaah emmaah
249   31min (10 tracks)
“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.
January 30, 2013 moon
Midnight Til Morning
thursdayplaid thursdayplaid
201   37min (9 tracks)
When it's late enough to be early and the world is too beautiful to sleep through.
November 19, 2014 Midnight Til Morning
XlllSophieXlll XlllSophieXlll
2,675   1hr 7min (16 tracks)
Have a rest and relax.
March 22, 2012 ReLax...
norvectan norvectan
5,752   40min (9 tracks)
[songs that make my breath catch and my heart stutter].
October 27, 2014 Magic
on and on and on
aliengrl aliengrl
songs for watching the sun go down on introspective evenings.
February 04, 2015 on and on and on
I Fell in Love at the Seaside
girlmeetsmusic girlmeetsmusic
202   32min (9 tracks)
A mix of 11 indie/acoustic tracks with an aquatic theme.
May 22, 2012 I Fell in Love at the Seaside
find me
lunegnar lunegnar
1,094   45min (13 tracks)
January 20, 2015 find me
Everyone's filling me up with noise
16vkulla 16vkulla
6   1hr 27min (24 tracks)
Perhaps these are ones they should avoid .
March 08, 2015 Everyone's filling me up with noise