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study study study
cassandra_e13 cassandra_e13
8,581   1hr 2min (17 tracks)
studying can be tough but I hope that this mix makes it a little better.
March 22, 2015 study study study
namdiva namdiva
2,117   (16 tracks)
Soothing and relaxing spring songs by amazing kpop girl groups.
March 18, 2015 LETS TAKE IT SLOW
settle down
xfemkeveenstra xfemkeveenstra
491   12min (9 tracks)
for when you need to do some really serious studying or when you just want to chill.
March 11, 2015 settle down
Inhale, Exhale
Noizer Noizer
13,637   (18 tracks)
This are just a variety of songs that I find calming and relaxing (i might add more songs some time in the future) enjoy <3.
February 11, 2015 Inhale, Exhale
a subdued melody
vioIetdreams vioIetdreams
2,711   (12 tracks)
a mix of my very own soft favorites along with an ending and a beginning of a story.
February 18, 2015 a subdued melody
A man with a guitar...
katyty katyty
10,692   (37 tracks)
more than 2 hours and a half of simply acoustic rock folk to chill.
February 08, 2015 A man with a guitar...
r.obynne r.obynne
5,355   (14 tracks)
March 02, 2015 Stu[dying]
i think too much
totesirwin totesirwin
1,063   (12 tracks)
when you just want to relax.
February 20, 2015 i think too much
Reading and Studying mix
freebatchedwilliam freebatchedwilliam
357   (19 tracks)
Songs I like to listen to when I'm studying, reading or when I need to relax.
March 03, 2015 Reading and Studying mix
irregardless irregardless
813   (41 tracks)
chill enough to keep you calm fun enough to keep you awake Good luck my loves, I believe in you xx Victoria .
February 22, 2015 exams.
relaxxx | |
jacsmixs jacsmixs
180   (8 tracks)
this playlist is dedicated to gel because her music rox.
February 24, 2015 relaxxx | |