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alltimecarmen alltimecarmen
3,079   1hr 49min (32 tracks)
for emily bc she's kinda cool p.
April 12, 2015 this is a mess
neopolitain neopolitain
3,341   21min (10 tracks)
A collection of iconic sad songs from all your favorite pop punk bands Tracklist: http://markiplyre.
April 01, 2015 The Kids Aren't Alright (pt1)
Leaving_a_Comment Leaving_a_Comment
55   1hr 41min (27 tracks)
A Playlist for OTP trash.
April 16, 2015 But All I've Got is You
drawingblanks drawingblanks
1   50min (15 tracks)
A playlist for the Grounders, the Arkers, and the 100 delinquents that paved the way.
April 24, 2015 Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up
makruse makruse
76   (16 tracks)
For cleaning out the closet, the "I'm done" moments of life, the times when you need to get rid of the former versions of yourself, when there's been n...
April 20, 2015 This is a mix for endings.
ewebean ewebean
676   46min (14 tracks)
"If you must die sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part.
February 11, 2015 because it was real
100001881760181 100001881760181
31   42min (10 tracks)
Not especially loud music, but nice to blast.
April 16, 2015 typical, i suppose
welcomeparade welcomeparade
22   25min (8 tracks)
April 12, 2015 Equanimity
drgibbs drgibbs
24   53min (13 tracks)
songs that mean more the older you get.
April 09, 2015 grow
transpxse transpxse
32   1hr 4min (16 tracks)
guilty pleasures n stuff.
April 01, 2015 3m0.
thesocialsuicideclub thesocialsuicideclub
19   35min (10 tracks)
Songs that take me away from reality {new faves}.
April 07, 2015 My Escape