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larissa.teles.927 larissa.teles.927
115   1hr 25min (23 tracks)
“In a perfect world, you could fuck people without giving them a piece of your heart.
April 20, 2015 Don't you know your secret's safe with me?
Alex Milosh Alex Milosh
54   37min (9 tracks)
For The 10’Th Mix I Thought To Do Some ALL-STAR Tracks! Here Is The Best From The 9 MeltDown Mixes, If You Didn't Heard One Of Them By Now, This Is A...
April 14, 2015 MeltDown Mix #10 (All Stars)
bluegreenrose2100 bluegreenrose2100
665   21min (13 tracks)
A sexy playlist following from sweet foreplay to heady love.
April 12, 2015 Love Me Like You Do
34   14min (8 tracks)
You are poison in my veins, but it's worth it.
April 03, 2015 poison;
plathsrevenge plathsrevenge
15   52min (15 tracks)
“The bad things I want to do to you have more place in the throes of exploding stars than between the bodies of two people.
April 02, 2015 that girl is a goddamn problem
alainalevering alainalevering
82   2min (12 tracks)
i just wanna be yours.
April 01, 2015 you call the shots babe.
slimecub slimecub
11   55min (14 tracks)
we are entwined but we do not touch.
March 23, 2015 You & I have very different ideas about Physical Intimacy
xx_maddie_xx xx_maddie_xx
36   1hr 13min (20 tracks)
this is exactly what you think it is.
March 09, 2015 sex
nerds4us nerds4us
11   49min (14 tracks)
For the hopeless and horrible crushes.
March 06, 2015 Fuck You (I Want to Fuck You)
nepetacide nepetacide
24   45min (11 tracks)
something volatile, troublesome, and a little bit sweet sometimes [playlist for felie and tejas].
March 08, 2015 up all night
anon-10204512687111888 anon-10204512687111888
68   (14 tracks)
March 01, 2015 XXX
Fiona-Mona Fiona-Mona
23   (10 tracks)
“So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure, and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, ...
March 02, 2015 More Sex You Horny Bastard