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the queen among knights
bulletproof-gentleman bulletproof-gentleman
just a little Roxy appreciation .
March 17, 2015 the queen among knights
Staring into the Void
timeshenanigansahoy timeshenanigansahoy
20   45min (13 tracks)
A fanmix for one of my favorite homestuck ladies, Roxy Lalonde.
March 21, 2015 Staring into the Void
Kingsman Version 2.0
aquiaqui aquiaqui
46   (30 tracks)
A mix for my fanfic of the same name.
March 02, 2015 Kingsman Version 2.0
Is it Ever Gonna Be Enough?
VirulentIgnis VirulentIgnis
89   18min (11 tracks)
"I remember when we were gambling to win Everybody else said better luck next time I don't wanna bend, Let the bad girls bend I just wanna be your frie...
January 11, 2015 Is it Ever Gonna Be Enough?
invisible leader
cempasuchils cempasuchils
948   13min (9 tracks)
'i was used to seeing no future in my sight line' a fst for my home girl roxy lalonde .
March 24, 2014 invisible leader
tie your scarf on tight
calendulalala calendulalala
422   4min (8 tracks)
being alone for too long will do weird stuff to your brain.
July 21, 2014 tie your scarf on tight
On Broadway..
theamazingspidererin theamazingspidererin
5,615   1hr 10min (31 tracks)
Random songs from shows I love.
March 24, 2014 On Broadway..
TheOMGio TheOMGio
95   6min (13 tracks)
Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, James Blake, etc.
June 29, 2011 Pantone
girl unobserved
flowercrownkaneki flowercrownkaneki
220   4min (10 tracks)
no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone no more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden no more dreaming like a girl...
July 28, 2014 girl unobserved
SHATTERED - a roxy lalonde playlist
your_prince your_prince
347   (15 tracks)
how many times can i break 'til i shatter?.
October 13, 2014 SHATTERED - a roxy lalonde playlist
Venus in Furs
Tolstojevska Tolstojevska
146   31min (13 tracks)
Severin, down on your bended knee.
September 25, 2013 Venus in Furs