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I Wanna Be Your Dog
llukin llukin
702   30min (11 tracks)
a mix of some of my favourite tracks from the holy trinity of guy ritchie films: lock, stock and two smoking barrels, snatch, and rocknrolla.
August 24, 2013 I Wanna Be Your Dog
Snatch back
Mark Faviell Mark Faviell
this is a pretty much every song from the movies Snatch, Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels and Rocknrolla.
January 24, 2013 Snatch back
Tromroan Tromroan
166   38min (12 tracks)
Music for hitmen.
July 31, 2014 HITMEN
Lock, Stock, the whole facking lot.
Lizzip Lizzip
1,101   57min (18 tracks)
Tracks including music by Castaways, Dusty Springfield and E-Z Rollers.
June 14, 2010 Lock, Stock, the whole facking lot.
Green Gypsy Caravan beats
OneInchPuncher OneInchPuncher
320   49min (14 tracks)
Mickey: Now, look.
August 27, 2014 Green Gypsy Caravan beats
Ogun Ogun
183   40min (13 tracks)
13 tracks featuring G.
January 28, 2012 Antirouille
Real Music For Fucking
jergobardley jergobardley
Old school raw fuck jams from the 60's.
February 10, 2012 Real Music For Fucking
Dizzy Cannibal Graveyard
johnnystrychnine johnnystrychnine
47   25min (8 tracks)
Eight creepy, spooky, or just downright upsetting tunes including music by Chuck Berry, Clarence Brown and Nick Cave.
October 23, 2010 Dizzy Cannibal Graveyard
Fuck em' if they can't take a joke!
tipsy_tina tipsy_tina
87   44min (13 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by Ike Turner, Louis Armstrong, Joe Tex, and Syl Johnson.
April 12, 2011 Fuck em' if they can't take a joke!
dayorn dayorn
47   49min (8 tracks)
November 22, 2013 Clairvoyance
Intermission / Movie Music (film music)13
aunt13 aunt13
344   18min (8 tracks)
22 min Eight tracks including music by Mark Mothersbaugh, George Winston, and Vince Guaraldi.
July 13, 2012 Intermission / Movie Music (film music)13
Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’la nouvelle vague
salvapop salvapop
40   7hr 24min (126 tracks)
Some 80's alternative, new wave & punk.
September 27, 2014 Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’la nouvelle vague