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Filthy Southern Rock
blascoe blascoe
Short mix of modern, southern rock Link to Part II http://8tracks.
March 04, 2013 Filthy Southern Rock
Good 'ol boys
vicvega1972 vicvega1972
Blues and southern rock.
March 04, 2015 Good 'ol boys
there's a reckoning a-comin'
xydiamartin xydiamartin
my soul has lost it's way Tracklist: http://xydiamartin.
May 30, 2014 there's a reckoning a-comin'
Down South Jukin
Mark Faviell Mark Faviell
1,305   1hr 17min (16 tracks)
A southern fried mix that lays the rock and roll on a gravel road.
April 06, 2013 Down South Jukin
Filthy Southern Rock II
blascoe blascoe
Another short mix of modern, southern rock .
September 20, 2013 Filthy Southern Rock II
the dusty road
449   19min (11 tracks)
For the road, desolate and long.
April 20, 2013 the dusty road
The Necromancer
asherweir asherweir
238   (19 tracks)
She once was not so far from human.
October 17, 2013 The Necromancer
Grave Dirt and Cattle Trails
Lolluminati Lolluminati
Southern Gothic is a subgenre of Gothic fiction unique to American literature that takes place exclusively in the American South.
March 05, 2012 Grave Dirt and Cattle Trails
Southern chill
leorugiens leorugiens
1,310   14min (12 tracks)
Drive away in your getaway car; someplace nice, someplace southern.
March 17, 2013 Southern chill
True Blood vol. 4
The Fox & The Sound The Fox & The Sound
2,313   (11 tracks)
47th Mix: My fourth True Blood-inspired playlist.
April 29, 2013 True Blood vol. 4
Folk/Rock/Blues/ish Revival
FailToSubmit FailToSubmit
1,076   40min (28 tracks)
Call it what you want, call it Folk, call it Blues, call it Rock, call it indie hipster ish, but DON'T call it a comeback.
June 06, 2013 Folk/Rock/Blues/ish Revival