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Peach skies Peach skies
40   (14 tracks)
Part one of my spring mixes A mix for finally feeling the sun on your skin, for leaving your jacket at home and getting the nice kind of goosebumps, fo...
April 22, 2015 Spring pt 1
hellowalls hellowalls
130   41min (15 tracks)
A collection of Spring-like songs to celebrate the warmer weather and put a bounce in your step! By Liz & Kath at www.
April 12, 2015 Spring In Your Step
inspireme8 inspireme8
29   52min (18 tracks)
18 fun, upbeat tracks to welcome back spring.
April 09, 2015 Winter is Dead
parischic14 parischic14
45   37min (11 tracks)
~hooray for sunshine and nice weather~ i own none of these songs; credit goes to original owners.
March 22, 2015 it's spring
MovedByMusic MovedByMusic
4,939   4hr 30min (82 tracks)
The planet is awake and alive and laughing so loud in the flowers & trees that you can almost hear the joy emanating from every leaf.
March 21, 2012 "It's a fresh spring so let's sing!"
AbblesToAbbles AbblesToAbbles
16,182   1hr 3min (20 tracks)
super eclectic, but really fun, listen to it and eventually you'll fall in love with it.
April 17, 2013 Happy Awesome (Eclectic) Springtime
cford2 cford2
200   1hr 21min (21 tracks)
Click play, enjoy warm weather.
February 14, 2012 Springtime Catalyst
Adrianling Adrianling
3,073   1hr 1min (16 tracks)
Spring is finally here! This playlist will only make your mood better!.
April 02, 2013 Time For The Sun!
aliceinwanderlust aliceinwanderlust
28   21min (8 tracks)
songs to walk and dance to in the sunshine underneath a big blue sky.
March 03, 2015 spring in my step
meckmeckk meckmeckk
261   47min (18 tracks)
i love the spring more than anything else in the world.
April 20, 2014 100 miles a minute
kateleth kateleth
539   27min (10 tracks)
Flowers are blooming, sundresses are coming out of stories, the sidewalks are filled with puppies.
April 06, 2012 Songs To Get Hyped For Springtime To
charcoalveins charcoalveins
1,295   38min (14 tracks)
today was a beautiful day out and i couldn't help but make an upbeat mix for these kind of days.
February 15, 2013 sunshine