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Queen of the Desert (沙漠)
zzzaramia zzzaramia
53   1hr 22min (17 tracks)
One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing.
April 06, 2015 Queen of the Desert (沙漠)
Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky
Shinzhon Shinzhon
9   1hr 23min (18 tracks)
To those people that have sworn to defend their land against the dragons, with spear and sword, against snow and fire.
April 04, 2015 Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky
Deep Enchanted Tribal Gothic Fusion 01
BlackUniGryphon BlackUniGryphon
12   1hr 24min (18 tracks)
Gothic, tribal, Gypsy, folk, dark, earthy whimsy .
April 03, 2015 Deep Enchanted Tribal Gothic Fusion 01
Ubi est Deus tuus?
handsomedevil handsomedevil
930   43min (8 tracks)
A mix for Athelstan, whose heart is between his faith in God and the pagans of the North.
May 29, 2014 Ubi est Deus tuus?
Drift away
TheFuzzyGuy TheFuzzyGuy
384   41min (9 tracks)
an assortment of music that will help untangle a troubled mind.
August 29, 2012 Drift away
Tribal Fusion Dub Step Mix
BlackUniGryphon BlackUniGryphon
175   2hr 9min (26 tracks)
It's been a while since i made a 2-step/dubstep mix: 2-Step, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, down tempo, up tempo, fusion, tribal fusion, dance, house, garage.
December 06, 2014 Tribal Fusion Dub Step Mix
celtic lands
Stark Rising Stark Rising
1,188   1hr 8min (14 tracks)
Travel through the old world.
March 16, 2014 celtic lands
dóttir árinnar
jorrymun jorrymun
16   56min (14 tracks)
A small homage for a character named Khazel from a ten page fairytale called "The Drownling Daughter" about a drowned spirit whom wonders in the marshe...
March 01, 2015 dóttir árinnar
The siege
Shinzhon Shinzhon
63   45min (14 tracks)
Songs for my (I hope) incoming project, I wanted to use news tracks because I'm starting to notice that I'm always using the same ones :p .
January 24, 2015 The siege
thequillotine thequillotine
73   34min (9 tracks)
for the memory of sand .
August 12, 2014 sand
Women singing.
gerreccia gerreccia
The clue is in the title.
April 26, 2014 Women singing.