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seapony seapony
2,781   30min (8 tracks)
girly scandinavian pop + more.
April 13, 2013 if hannah can handle it, so can i.
SiceClub SiceClub
229   30min (8 tracks)
8 tracks, all Swedish, featuring Air France, The Honeydrips, and Taken By Trees.
blewyourconch blewyourconch
1,754   50min (14 tracks)
Lust for Scandinavia.
April 05, 2013 scandilust.
sarasurreal sarasurreal
151   38min (10 tracks)
I can't sleep, ever.
April 27, 2012 4.48 Psychosis
VehementFlame VehementFlame
113   22min (9 tracks)
Nine tracks by beguiling Swedish female singers including music by Anna Ternheim, Britta Persson and El Perro Del Mar.
February 09, 2011 Swedish Siren Songs
boysugar boysugar
95   30min (10 tracks)
on debilitating loneliness and far away lovers .
January 23, 2011 brittle love & bruises
halfhomo halfhomo
106   38min (11 tracks)
↳ A mix with a bunch of swedish pop feat.
November 10, 2014 Alt kommar att bli bra
Cecceceli Cecceceli
172   1hr 17min (21 tracks)
A mix of Swedish songs and artists, most are sung in Swedish but there are a few exceptions.
July 30, 2014 Lagom (Just enough)
anirius anirius
900   1hr 53min (35 tracks)
A 2-hour long mix with a female touch, including music by Eisley, Ellie Goulding and Those Dancing Days.
November 27, 2010 Those Indie Babes
Critical_Mob Critical_Mob
130   27min (8 tracks)
In conjunction with Critical Mob's review of the new EP by Jens Lekman, please enjoy this playlist including tracks by some of his influences and conte...
October 29, 2011 Jens Lekman: Critical Connections
dktoday dktoday
297   28min (8 tracks)
They are sweet-ish.
March 12, 2013 Swedish Souls