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latching on
timaeustipsified timaeustipsified
112   49min (15 tracks)
a playlist that sums up their relationship; the positives and the negative highlights of it.
February 22, 2015 latching on
octoprincex octoprincex
139   (19 tracks)
about those "is my life even real?" dissociation/depersonalisation feels.
March 09, 2015 unreality
pink triangle records
lalalondes lalalondes
263   (18 tracks)
a valentine's day record with a fabulous roster of queer artists.
February 14, 2015 pink triangle records
Still Fighting For Peace
witchchild witchchild
A playlist for Athos of His Majesty's Musketeers.
January 26, 2015 Still Fighting For Peace
yes homo
legobitar legobitar
1,180   31min (24 tracks)
a bunch of explicitly gay songs, made with the limitations of what exists on spotify.
February 27, 2015 yes homo
I'll See Your Heart & I'll Raise You Mine [a Charles/Erik AU mix]
suchaprince suchaprince
So this mix is totally three years old! This mix was made for a fic henrietteyuki was writing at the time.
March 11, 2015 I'll See Your Heart & I'll Raise You Mine [a Charles/Erik AU mix]
something colourful
earnestlyriya earnestlyriya
281   (9 tracks)
I just needed an excuse to use the cover photo tbh.
February 18, 2015 something colourful
Chill Queer Tunes
Dodecahedron Dodecahedron
72   51min (18 tracks)
Sometimes you need a break.
February 03, 2015 Chill Queer Tunes
stuck in my fifty pound lead boots
caulfields-phony caulfields-phony
"How could someone so wonderful do something so horrible?" -- cover art from http://plasticnaturedraws.
March 01, 2015 stuck in my fifty pound lead boots
ten years' time
ig_sparke ig_sparke
a fanmix for tranquilmatches​' Achilles/Patroclus fanfiction In Ten Years Time (http://archiveofourown.
March 08, 2015 ten years' time