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Monday Mix: Sunny With A High of 75
gibsonwashdc gibsonwashdc
We're getting spoiled by the warm weather in Washington recently.
March 19, 2012 Monday Mix: Sunny With A High of 75
trizzles trizzles
107   25min (8 tracks)
November 16, 2011 Tropicalia
cool universe of tropicália
Valesca_marques Valesca_marques
605   47min (12 tracks)
“eu organizo o movimento.
May 28, 2013 cool universe of tropicália
Tropical Hot Dog Night!
dianamatic dianamatic
414   1hr 52min (32 tracks)
Thirty-two tropical tracks including music by Gal Costa, Coati Mundi, and Brigitte Bardot.
May 15, 2011 Tropical Hot Dog Night!
Música brasileira Música brasileira
296   28min (8 tracks)
Com Fabio, Tom Zé e Os Mutantes.
March 04, 2012 Psicodelismo
hoeyjeinen hoeyjeinen
275   44min (15 tracks)
Saudade - A Portuguese word that has no direct English translation.
February 18, 2013 Saudade
A cabeça é uma ilha
yurileonardo yurileonardo
292   31min (8 tracks)
July 18, 2013 A cabeça é uma ilha
BitchTapes: Blame It On The Bossa Nova
BitchTapes BitchTapes
908   27min (12 tracks)
Classic and modern bossa nova.
July 23, 2010 BitchTapes: Blame It On The Bossa Nova
Keepin' it Tropical(ia)
BitchTapes BitchTapes
3,868   11min (12 tracks)
A BitchTapes collection of some of the best that tropicalismo has to offer by Emilly Prado.
October 12, 2012 Keepin' it Tropical(ia)
Papaya Tiger
10,214   (13 tracks)
looks like a sunset in california tastes like papaya infused vodka feels like warm sand under your bare feet a warm mix for cold evenings 13 lucky tr...
January 08, 2012 Papaya Tiger
All of a Tremble
valleyofthebees valleyofthebees
129   43min (11 tracks)
Music to put on mixes for your crushes.
April 28, 2010 All of a Tremble