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nahlex nahlex
6   47min (12 tracks)
≪a short, uplifting mix to just let loose and run wild to≫ featuring tracks by sigur rós, fleet foxes, bon iver, and many more .
April 28, 2015 ≪Open Fields≫
madhatterz madhatterz
4   (17 tracks)
Did you say gospel? You did? Get ready for a miracle, Ella.
April 27, 2015 Soulful Miracle
taysh9 taysh9
13   26min (14 tracks)
15 of my favorite songs at the moment, in the theme of summer.
April 27, 2015 Sunny Solute
kn1gh7 kn1gh7
7   1hr 9min (16 tracks)
A collection of my favourite songs from various anime and shows, hope you like it! >w< First playlist.
April 27, 2015 Uplifting Anime+
carlymwilson carlymwilson
29   42min (12 tracks)
deep squats cure cancer, this is what I've been squatting to lately.
April 26, 2015 Squat Music
c-estdangereux c-estdangereux
8   26min (8 tracks)
April 26, 2015 "don't butcher those beautiful emotions of yours"
twinkletaes twinkletaes
16   1hr 6min (18 tracks)
my calm down/be happy playlist uh its not really in any order.
April 26, 2015 you are worth it
Jcos1 Jcos1
12   1hr 19min (16 tracks)
Uplifting songs for a sunny summer!.
April 24, 2015 Sunny days
sophieecanfly sophieecanfly
15   57min (16 tracks)
uplifting and perfect for when you need a breath of positive energy.
April 24, 2015 happy
annaschroedl annaschroedl
12   53min (19 tracks)
love this cover art too much.
April 23, 2015 relevance
basementbunny basementbunny
31   33min (11 tracks)
Songs about perseverance & dragging yourself back out of the dirt.
April 22, 2015 It Takes a lot of Rocks to Build a Mountain
flowerchild16 flowerchild16
31   28min (20 tracks)
:: A playlist for those late night drives, when you just need to escape and experience a little bit of freedom.
April 21, 2015 eu·pho·ri·a