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olivve olivve
1   30min (8 tracks)
cool songs you need to hear when you're feeling weird but happy and you think you are cool?? includes tame impala and mac demarco.
April 16, 2015 weird
I Could Be Weird
errordan errordan
11   52min (13 tracks)
just some weird music i like .
April 15, 2015 I Could Be Weird
shrugging intensifies
mylegshurt mylegshurt
11   1hr 16min (22 tracks)
m sryr i tri d.
April 16, 2015 shrugging intensifies
Vashkalina Vashkalina
10   18min (8 tracks)
Feeling very happy lucky and summery today and wanted to share.
April 15, 2015 Zierbequittet
Weird Beats
childish7 childish7
46   8min (8 tracks)
Weird stuff for weird people.
April 12, 2015 Weird Beats
The Weirdest Birthday Mix Ever
bethakneecap bethakneecap
50   (46 tracks)
Stuff to play to weird your friends out-made for my 18th birthday party-featuring songs off the Shrek soundtrack, weird screamo covers of pop songs, an...
April 12, 2015 The Weirdest Birthday Mix Ever
heart for this art
fuckingcat fuckingcat
11   31min (8 tracks)
what the fuck .
April 13, 2015 heart for this art
alien vibes
jasmineeflowerr jasmineeflowerr
6   37min (9 tracks)
April 10, 2015 alien vibes
zootocavivipara zootocavivipara
6   58min (13 tracks)
April 13, 2015 ///
Weird Spanish
somadifusa somadifusa
24   30min (8 tracks)
Canciones in spanish by non-spanish speakers.
April 10, 2015 Weird Spanish
see red circles everywhere
Hate Waves Hate Waves
14   25min (8 tracks)
April 09, 2015 see red circles everywhere