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YG Entertainment Mix
guiltypleasurekpop guiltypleasurekpop
579   19min (20 tracks)
A series of songs from YG artists.
March 13, 2015 YG Entertainment Mix
YG Family
yarai0793 yarai0793
91   49min (16 tracks)
April 09, 2015 YG Family
xingmitosleep xingmitosleep
613   5hr 9min (89 tracks)
100 tracks from YG Family artists, including solo work, collaborations, and live performances.
February 25, 2015 THE YG FAMILY.
littlegrizzly littlegrizzly
78   2hr 7min (36 tracks)
~*~*~*~*~ .
April 17, 2015 idc
A K-pop Starter Kit
Inward Fangirl Inward Fangirl
23   36min (10 tracks)
So you're ready to defect from hipster culture and sad bastard music, but don't know where to start on your K-pop journey.
April 11, 2015 A K-pop Starter Kit
prince charming
iced-coffee iced-coffee
83   24min (14 tracks)
park chanyeol is my ideal type ♡ //funky songs I think our resident happy virus will enjoy (aka.
April 04, 2015 prince charming
taetamtom taetamtom
1,303   23min (8 tracks)
YG ent artists'party anthems.
January 24, 2015 // YG SHAKES THE WORLD //
Clear my mind
novitald novitald
12   45min (11 tracks)
April 04, 2015 Clear my mind
sonnet sonnet
82   3hr 6min (50 tracks)
Long overdue mix that I owe @syntax and @live back in 2012.
April 03, 2015 T-T-TURN UP
They say  love is blind Oh baby, you’re so blind
yghigh yghigh
2,067   1hr 6min (21 tracks)
a mix of yg slow jams tracklist: http://yghigh.
July 19, 2014 They say  love is blind Oh baby, you’re so blind
I Miss You
yghigh yghigh
3,519   1hr 15min (20 tracks)
a yg mix for those whose missing that someone tracklist: http://yghigh.
August 07, 2014 I Miss You
why are they so cold
hayleymarshalled hayleymarshalled
686   33min (9 tracks)
a yg family mix.
April 16, 2014 why are they so cold