Listening to music like this while I fall asleep is a wonderful torment in the sense that I don't want to fall asleep for fear of missing the next line, melody, song.
However, if I were able to fall asleep to music, then this playlist would be my go-to.
If you make it to the final (20th) song, then congrats, as halfway through that song is where my favorite minutes of this entire list begins. With that, I bid you adieu.
Gute nacht.

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This is great! toss in some sufjan stevens and i'll be in love!


I listened to this mix every night for a month while I was away from home (training for military). Tonight I'm listening to it, knowing that I leave for the desert in a few short months. Love is an understatement for this mix. Thank you.


Thanks man, It's a great list! good thing you included Bon Iver


Love love love love love :)


Hi. Can we email and be friends? : D


hi beautiful. can we email and be lovers?


Thanks so much for making all these playlists! I love all of them, and they're a lifesaver when it comes to finals and paper season!


First song, one of my very favorites. (9 Crimes) Music was meant to move you.


great taste in music man