Was I the betrayer or the betrayed? Was it grief or guilt? How was I to know?

Of youth, cluelessness, boredom, illness, worry, death, gossiping, depression, powerlessness, blades, letters, angst, obscure books, friendships and lack thereof, music sheets, secret corners.

11 tracks for my 13-year-old self. Some I liked at the time, some didn't yet exist.

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Title: Sylvia Plath's "Mad Girl's Love Song"

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2 comments on Arbitrary Blackness Gallops In

Love the first song.


thank you! Cœur de Pirate is amazing :)


"pick next mix" doesn't work right now, but I'd like to put this one: http://8tracks.com/brighterthansunshine/i-will-soothe-your-pain
As often happens, I had the idea for this mix a while back. Listening to Beth's mix motivated me to add the finishing touches to this one.
I'll try to put it as next mix tomorrow, see if it works. :)