This mix is a bit different than others. It is meant to be listened to with a story in mind. It tells a dark tale that reaches the recesses of the mind of a killer. Headphones and no lights with a vast imagination will work wonders.

Part 1: Illusion of Peace

Part 2: Twisted Mind

Part 3: Fatal Infatuation

Part 4: The Killer Grows Restless

Part 5: Making Plans

Part 6&7: On the Prowl/Stalking the Victim

Part 8&9: Plan Goes Awry/Fight For Survival

Part 10: The Kill

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I thank you for making this playlist. It's been a great source of inspiration for my next painting. Respects.

i chose to listen in broad daylight. wise decision i think.

this mix is lovely. both terrifying and enthralling.

good luck on your 1-a-day