A sampling of indie rock, punk, new wave, and other assorted tunes, any of which you might have heard on a good college radio station in the 1980's. Not all from the same scene. But all pretty damn awesome!

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I got recommended this mix for being similar to one I did, but it's so much better and expansive! So many good bands I love, and a few I didn't love till now =)

Wow man! Thanks! Yeah, this is a long one :) More of a soundtrack to a mood, or a whole day! Haha! Glad you like it! Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks. PIL is one of my all time favorite bands. Can't talk about 80's post-punk without mentioning them. If your record collection is that similar to mine then, my friend, you have excellent taste! Haha! Glad to know there's still people who know and love this music. Take it easy TommyB33.