Pure 60's and 70's rock classics. Thirty-three tracks including music by The Animals, Jefferson Airplane and The Doors.
Note: The Beatles song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" is not included, it just fits in the title.

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2,499    2hr 34min (33 tracks)
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This music inspires to go "beyond"; so that´s what popped out with this particular state of mind.

I'm glad you like it. :)

Bueno bueno tu mix. Por mas que me esfuerzo en tratar de aceptar la corriente mayoritaria aqui, el indie, termina hartandome y vuelvo a los grandes del ROCK.

Siempre se vuelve; o acaso es que en realidad uno nunca se se va del todo a otros rumbos musicales.
Qué bueno que te gusta.