Music...the best thing you can do in bed! Ok, maybe the 2nd best thing you can do in bed. But, if you're not doing the best thing you can do in bed, chances are you're doing the 2nd best thing. And if you are, this playlist will help. You'll be yawning by the 2nd song, you won't be able to open your eyes by the 6th song and you'll be off in the land of nod by the 10th song. Which means it's a bit of a waste having 30 songs in this, but what the heck!! It may even cure the worst insomniacs!

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Love this<3

misha casthea

this is a reallllllllyyy good mix :D, it's keeping me focus for my writing, thx a lot :Dxxx


This is an amazing homework/sleep playlist, its incredibly meditative. I LOVE IT!


Most of the music pieces are so calm and soothing..i love it. perfect for homework, reports and chilling. I love how it always starts with Yiruma's "River Flows in You"'s so good it sends chills down my spine every time i listen to it :D so, thank you!


this is the only thing keeping me from losing my damn mind trying to study for my final physics exam


Ouch, physics, glad to hear you're almost finished. Also glad it's not me doing it :)


This is my go-to sleep playlist. Thank you so much for creating it! Perfection.


Please! send the mix to my mail! >.< Arigatoo~ :3


well it would help me to study, if i didnt decide to look through all the coments... love it