Above & Beyond pres OceanLab, Emancipator, and Example.
8 great artists in this mix, tell me what you think!
1~ Have you heard this? YW
2~ Faster beat why not
3~ Appropriate title to follow watch the sun coming up :)
4~ Shit gets you pumped
5~ Getting late.. Lets mix it up
6~ Trip Hop
7~ Feeling like you should
8~ Still listening? A trance number, night

thanks for listening and following, wassup! Spread the goodness =]

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3 comments on My take on good ELECTRONIC and TECHNO :D

Great stuff man, really like your taste in music


this is pretty good but its not really technically techno. Electronic, yes, but i'd say its more house or more mainstream. Also- trance should be banned as a whole b/c it is the WORST GENRE EVER!!! Well- tied w/dubstep.


And you're totally entitled to your own opinion about genres but I personally enjoy trance A LOT. Dubstep is fun to listen to as well. To each their own.


LOVE this