2 comments on Moog Graveyards, Cosmic Winds, and Chrome Landscapes: An Attempted Guide to 'Krautrock'

Ah! Thanks to this mix I accidentaly found out that the music Opeth air right before they get on stage is actually Through Pain to Heaven by Popol Vuh. Thanks! :D

Eheh! Well they're a very particular band and Akerfeldt (singer and guitarist and "boss") has a very broad musical taste; if you're not much into death metal singing I suggest their last album "Heritage", very very interesting with a 70s sound which I love and really cool arrangements.

Here an example of them playing Popol Vuh songs right before the show begins:

Btw I love your playlists, congrats.

Cheers from Italy!

That's really cool man, yeah I always suspected that Opeth has a wide musical influence. That's really awesome, thanks for hittin me up with this, the vid's pretty awesome and I need to hear that album. Thanks again man!