109 comments on What we do in life... echoes in eternity... by hotmoklet

Thank you all so much for the fantastic comments - really made my day/week/month - what have you! :)

Had a request for Inception's score - would have put Mobasa down but I'm already up on my quota for Zimmer sadly :( Thanks for the suggestion though - it's a good one!

However, adding a track shortly to the list - it's a bit of a throwback, but hope you like it! ;)

Thanks Carter - really glad my playlist helped you out in a small, small way haha - congratulations on passing your finals! :D

Mariam - cheers! :)

Sonofblinky - Launch added; I already had part of it in the form of the President's Speech from Armageddon, but I've put the entire track in now. Thanks for your input!

I just feel like jumping out of a window onto the back of a flying horse into the great unknown leaving nothing but little hoof sized flames behind, that is how pumped this playlist makes me. Awesome mix!