103 comments on What we do in life... echoes in eternity... by hotmoklet

I would honestly be failing math right now if not that I remembered this awesome mix. You will be the reason for my degree, just saying

This mix is nothing short of staggering... thank you very much.

It is far easier to focus on homework with music like this in the background

I loved this mix up until Farewell Apollo...at that point no words can describe the love I have for it now. Thank you. You're the bomb.

Thanks so much! Am a huuuuge Battlestar fan - can't say I've seen the new mini-series (Caprica et al.) - worth doing at all? Hope all's well!

Thanks Carter - really glad my playlist helped you out in a small, small way haha - congratulations on passing your finals! :D

Mariam - cheers! :)

Sonofblinky - Launch added; I already had part of it in the form of the President's Speech from Armageddon, but I've put the entire track in now. Thanks for your input!

One of the most amazing playlist I've ever listened. You should include Launch-Trevor Rabbin from Armageddon.

I just feel like jumping out of a window onto the back of a flying horse into the great unknown leaving nothing but little hoof sized flames behind, that is how pumped this playlist makes me. Awesome mix!

wow I cant tell you how many project's collective asses were just kicked with this mix. its fantastic. I like both the old stuff (wagner) and the new stuff (transformers) you draw from. very inspiring.