100th mix.

Foreboding crept upon Idril's spirit as a cloud. Therefore in that time she let prepare a secret way, that should lead down from the city and passing out beneath the surface of the plain... and she contrived it that the work was known but to few...
{The Silmarillion}

Some of my favourite music ever.
A tale of spiralling into sublime, solitudinous escape, known but to the few who wonder and wander.

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A star shines on the hour of our meeting. Yet another sublime mix


Thank you :) You should make more yourself, I love your mixes!


Truly wonderful music as always :) Thank you very much for taking the time to compile such amazing beautiful stories of sound.


♥ It's always lovely knowing people enjoy them, thanks for listening :)


happy belated 100th!!!


something very whimsical about this mix that captivates me :)


love, love, love it. :) thank you


Is that a selfportrait? (i mean the artwork)


Nope, just a general picture I drew hehe.


Wow...your taste in music is absolutely divine. <3 Thanks for sharing this!!


Oh by the way, have you ever checked out CommodoreCreazil's mixes? I'm listening to Girls of the Neath right now and his (her?) mix style reminds me of you. :P


Thanks for listening kimtsan! Ohh I adore CommodoreCreazil's mixes, so that is nice to hear haha XD The CommodoreCreazil station kind of introduced me to steampunk, which I hadn't really known much about before but now love. Girls of the Neath is one of the best!

Reinette Fée

Your best mix yet, in my humble opinion. Haven't heard most of the songs, but I'm completely falling for all of them. Thanks so much - again. :D


Aww thank you I'm glad you think so! Your Midwinter Masquerade mix is one of the first I listened to on 8tracks and is still one of my favourites to this day XD